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. Flathunting is being integrated into www.a2zIsrael.com where richer . Information is available. The portal for information about Israel. Ask . your questions, and they will be answered.
. Please also check out our sister site www.flathuntingisrael.com with has a . much more robust search engine and divided into categories for ease of use.
. Please note: You may post and see pictures, ratings
. and other information on www.flathuntingisrael.com
Any questions, inquiries, suggestions or comments etc. you may send them to; info@a2zisrael.com

TO SUBSCRIBE send a blank email to:
from the email account you wish to subscribe.

TO VIEW OLD MESSAGES: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flathunting/

TO POST A MESSAGE: send an email ad to:

TO SET DAILY DIGEST MODE: send a blank email to:

TO STOP RECEIVING MAIL: send a blank email to:

TO RESUME MAIL: send a blank email to:

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The service is for free. However if you feel that you have benefited
from this service then you are invited to give a donation to the
Frankforter Day Center for the Elderly, Jerusalem. Donations may be
made out to "Agudat Ezra Lekashish" account number 12-105-959-456 at the First International Bank or directly to The Frankforter Center for the Aged, 80 Derech Bet Lechem, Jerusalem, POB 10074.


1) If you are only looking for answers to an ad you have placed,
then set your account to "nomail". (send a blank email to:
flathunting-nomail@yahoogroups.com) If you do not want to be on the
list at all, you will not have access to the archives of messages.

2) Flathunting is for the greater Jerusalem area to help people rent
or buy/sell their flats. If you are in the Tel Aviv area, look up
telavivflats on yahoogroups.com or simply send a blank email to:
telavivflats-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to become a member

3) If you do not wish to receive other members posts, there is information below how to change your account settings.

4) Please provide the city, neighborhood, or moshav and include the
price being asked for rentals or sales.

5) If you wish to have your flat posted daily, YOU must post it and
it will be listed. Please no more than once a day.

6) In all fairness, if this is NOT your flat being listed, state
that you are either a friend, a licensed agent or simply someone
being a middle person and requesting renumeration. There have been complaints to people not legally representing a flat.

7) If you ARE an agent, please split your flats up into separate posts. Flathunting is for finding flats in the Jerusalem area. NOT to provide a free advertisement for agents.
Most people scan through the subject line and delete the rest.

In the SUBJECT line please first insert one of or a variation of the following the following to identify the type of flat being advertised;

Wanted: short term rental

Wanted: long term rental

Wanted: to share

looking: for share

To rent: short term

To rent: Long term

Looking for someone to share

For Sale: house or flat

Wanted to Buy:

Guest house

Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Any of the following additional information also helps out many to be able to make decisions without time wasted.

SS - Shomer Shabbat

SK - Shomer Kashrut

M/F - Male/Female


Agented flat

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